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Product Review (submitted on July 31, 2014):

I originally had another mfr's 10.5" barrel which had threading issues where I couldn't fill mount my muzzle devices, thankfully they accepted a trade for a different barrel and I was able to then pickup the Mr Blond 9" bbl from KAK here. The barrel is built very well, I could find no burs or issues with manufacturing, I like the shape and short range tests have shown it to be accurate. The finish is a bead blasted surface that I found is easy to scuff, granted it is supposed to be protected inside the rail, but be careful when working on it outside the rail and getting it setup. The gas port is drilled nicely and the dimples are aligned perfectly for a low profile gas block with set screws, the diameter was a bit tight for my gas block (but could have been the gas blocks fault) and I had to use a rubber mallet to help get it on the first time, but since then it fits nice and tight by just twisting back and forth, in fact, I'd say its just about a perfect fit. The threads are cut accurately and I had no problem with the KAK 7.62 flash can or the Thunderbeast brake that is now mounted. Had some issues with the pistol short stroking (where the bolt would not go all the way back to feed the next round and therefore would not load the next round) with subsonic ammo and Kurt provided fantastic customer support in helping me get that resolved. The issue was not the barrel but the fact I was using lighter weight bullets (180 - 208) and I had not yet received my suppressor. Once I installed the suppressor the pistol cycles wonderfully without issue.

Here are the issues we dealt with:
* first was the buffer, I had an H2 which was too heavy, use a standard carbine buffer (i bought a Spikes Tactical T1)
* second was bullets I was using were too light at 190 and 208 grains, I tried some 220's and got just one of them to cycle properly
* third was my altitude, I live at 7500' and my subsonic loads are pretty light

With the suppressor I am now able to shoot the 190 grain subsonic loads just fine with the T1 buffer

I am a happy camper with my build and with KAK