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Product Review (submitted on June 18, 2019):
Kakindustry has at least the best multiple gas tubes on their website or anywhere. Having say this mirco gas tube... at least can't be found because these type of build is kinda rare and not a lot of company support or isn't willing to take the extra steps like Kakindustry. Again having said not only they carry this mirco gas tube they even have the longer version than the rifle gas tube. All and all this statement isn't really about the mirco gas tube but from the looks of it I believe that the mirco gas tube should of come with one roll pin. I received the gas tube 6/17/19 and the mirco gas tube is bag inside greatly however the only issues as stated is No roll pin to pin with the gas block. By this you and I are going to spend another .2 cent on getting a new roll pin but if you have spare parts or so, then it's not going to be a issue. Since most can't wait on another ordered because it supposed to come with not without one and this is the only downside of this mirco gas tube.