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Product Review (submitted on January 13, 2020):

While the gun is going to mainly get a diet of subsonics, there are occasions where you want something with more velocity. The 140 gr brass bullets did not disappoint. I haven't finished working up the loads yet, but with a starting load of 20.0 gr of #9 powder and seating depth of 2.140", I was getting over 1900 fps. It would have been higher than that had the 10.5" barrel not been so heavily ported. Quickload said you could probably even go up to about 22 gr of powder but I cannot confirm. I do know the 20 gr of #9 powder was no problem in my gun at all.

Very pleased with all of the 9x39 stuff that you are selling. Will be trying some of the 125 bullets next. Thanks !!!!